Sun Coast Platinum Auto Insurance

The competitive auto insurance market.

Sun Coast Platinum Auto Insurance

Is your agency playing tug-of-war with your competition over auto insurance clients?  Look how Sun Coast General's Platinum Auto can help your agency grow auto insurance policies!

Platinum Auto Insurance

To help you combat the competitive auto insurance market, Sun Coast General as created a unique auto insurance product for you, with the ability to taylor coverage to your unique type of client.:

  • Sun Coast Platinum - Domestic Auto Insurance Program
  • Sun Coast Platinum NSD - Domestic with 24/7 NSD Roadside Assistance
  • Sun Coast Platinum MX - Domestic Auto Insurance with AXA Mexico Liability coverage

All our programs come with great discount options, make sure you quote your clients with the best package of discounts.  Take a look at some of the discounts we offer:

  • EFT Checking (Option 1 EFT) - Lower Down Payment & Billing Fee.
  • Good Driver 1 - 3 Years Licensed and 1 DMV Point.
  • Good Driver 2 - 5 Years Uninterrupted Verifiable License without any accidents or violations.
  • Secondary Driver - More drivers than vehicles.
  • Multi-Car - More than one vehicle listed on the policy.
  • Mature Driver - Age 55+ and completion of DMV APD Course.
  • Good Student - Age 16-23 with a "B" average or better.
  • Renewal - At 6 months and 12 months we apply a discount. Customers who purchase a 1 or 6 month term will receive a renewal discount at the 6 month renewal.

(see the Product Guidelines for discount / surcharge qualification details)

Here are a few of our Marketing Reminders and Updates:

  • Consider a higher Deductible as this will lower the overall premium.
  • Our 1 month term policies are great for customers who want the most competitive rate each month. We will drop violations on the month they are 3 years old, add 1 year driving experience at each drivers DOB, add Discounts & Surcharges the month they are earned. Your customers will no longer shop elsewhere as a result of an accident or violation dropping off of their MVR, or when a driver gains another year of driving experience. We do this automatically under our 1 month term policies!
  • Sun Coast Platinum MX market has US coverage with Cornerstone National and Mexico Liability coverage with AXA Seguros. This is the only market that will provide acceptable liability coverage on both sides of the border.

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